Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Create an Engaging Facebook Fan Page

“55 minutes – average time spent on Facebook per day. 130 friends per average Facebook user. 62% of people that “like” a page would buy from it. 68% of people “like” a page to get promotions and discounts.”A – VendorShop
Statistics show that Facebook is a great platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to introduce their brand and generate leads. In fact, a study reported that small business owners who are using social media area primarily engaging through company pages (75%) and status updates (69%) on Facebook or LinkedIn.

The main goal of setting up a fan page for your business is to interact with your audiencea€¦to introduce your brand and generate sales. It is not about collecting tons of fans and automating contents to keep the page active.A But how will you spice it up, to make it more engaging? Here are some tips:

Tip #1. Ask Questions

Starting a conversation is a tough task, especially for people you don’t really know personally. So the best way to start a conversation with your fans is to ask a question.A Asking questions is better than talking about yourself and promoting your brand.A It is by asking a question that you show interest in your fans and engage further in more conversation.

You can also take advantage of using the “Question” feature on Facebook. This is a great feature for pages to get a lot of visibility from one question if many people answer it. It will also increase your reach because their friends can answer it too.

Tip #2. Create an Online Contest

Everyone wants to win something and lots of people love to join online contests. Creating an online contest can give your fans a reason to visit your page again and again. It is also a great way to promote your website.

In creating a contest, it is important to determine what it is you want to give away during the contest and give your fans clear guidelines on how to join in.

Tip #3. Add Relevant and Compelling Content

Give your fans something to watch and read aside from your company news to make it more engaging. Add relevant content related to your niche (blog posts, news articles, videos and photos) regularly but be sure not to share any content that may promote your competitors. People won’t have a reason to “like” your page if they can’t expect new and interesting content regularly.
You can use Google Alerts to feed your page with current news, blogs and other information related to a particular niche.

Tip #4. Interact and Keep the Conversation Alive

Bombarding your fans with daily content is not enough to make the page engaging. It is about interacting with them and adding a genuine voice to introduce your brand. Here are some points to consider in keeping the conversation alive; The first step is to establish rapport.

Use the 5W (who, what, where, when, why) and H (how) questions.A A surefire way to keep the conversation going is to use the 5W’s and 1H questions about the subject that matters most to your fans and by that, you can then find ways to introduce your brand.

Don’t be boring. In a social media conversation, boring conversation is a big no-no! Try to avoid subjects that are all about you. Instead, find ways to introduce your brand in an exciting way. Avoid making your fans feel as if they are forced to listen to what you have to say. Be lively. Converse with humor and incorporate fresh topics to the conversation.

Tip #5. Have FUN!

Keep in mind that introducing your brand is not immediate. Don’t give in to pressure. Interact and just enjoy the whole process!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tips and Tricks for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is now becoming very popular because businesses now a day are becoming online and everyone is using internet to search for products and services they need.

Search engine optimization means promoting you website online, giving it more exposure, more visibility and traffic. Google is one of the most used search engines now a day. They try to display most relevant search results in the search body. That is making search engine optimization more difficult and competitive than usual. But there are some techniques that can help your website get more traffic and rank it relatively in search engine.

Choosing domain name of your website

Ideally the domain name should have keyword in it. But if you do not get one with keyword in it try using different combinations. Or if you are looking to optimize a website already registered or up in running. Then you first job should be, analyzing the internal structures of website. That is called onsite optimization. Onsite optimization contributes about 40% to 50% in the whole SEO. Once you have your website internal structure SEO friendly that means you website allows search engine to read and crawl your website properly. A website should have some number of pages it. Most likely you should have a website starting from ten to fifty or more pages. E-commerce websites need to get over hundred pages. After you have got some good numbers of pages then after that go for internal linking of the webpages. More internal links inside the website directing the links either to same website or some other is going to give your ability to get more index pages. Once you submit your website to search engines to index, these internal and external links will prove to be a logical index pages with the crawler. In other words after this activity search spider will think of your website a big website with lots of index pages. That gives you rating. In other words 500 pages in actual with this activity will give you about 2000 index pages that means about 4times more than you are really having.

Once you have got some of these indexes next step should be taking a brief look on the content of the website. You should try to include your targeted keywords as much as you can in the content of the website. But do not make it a spam. Using keyword in bulk may result in ignorance from search spider. In that case you should go for providing unique information about your targeted keywords. Try to use your keyword in percentage of 20% of the whole text. Every targeted keyword must have explanatory articles on the website. More information in the form of text you are able to display on your website. More rating that will result in. But make sure do not copy some ones content. If you do that search spider will identify that on the basis of publishing age and if you prove to be wrong or victim. Bot can even block your website and can send it to Sand box, where your website can prolong from six months to life. Sand box is a naughty box by Google which is for spammers or content copiers or anything like that. Always get couple of free registrations for your website such as AVG free virus test, Secure merchant verified etc.

If in case you are looking for new website development try to use SEO friendly programming languages, such as Joomla , WordPress and HTML. Because Joomla and wordpress have got auto linking and title and display tags abilities. That is almost same in WordPress. These programming languages help you make more links and title and cloud tags, with auto generated HTML sitemap. Because Google itself is a text base HTML website so they always prefer HTML websites but even if you do not have HTML website. Though you have some pictures and calculators to display, you must have HTML sitemap included in the website. After development generate the sitemap for your website and get it W3C verified and submit every single page of your website on all the major search engines so that, search engines would know you are also one of the websites available on website.

After the entire ON page SEO processing you would need to switch back to off page SEO for your website. That starts with directory submission which can give you anywhere from 30% – 50% of the links which you have submitted. As SEO is never ending process for new website 5000 directory submissions will be a good start if your website have more than 30 pages and linked in the manner that overlaps and gives it to around 1000 or more index pages. Once you get backlinks and quality backlinks then go ahead the entire off page seo such as article writing, forums, and blogs. All that process will work gradually but ultimately you will start getting some traffic.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Build your online Business with Professional Web Design Services

Developing your own website is one hell of a task and looking for a competent web designer to do the job of web design for you is another ordeal to face. Selecting some one else to do the web design for you is like allowing a third person to take an important decision of your business. On the other hand, you would not be interested in learning complex codes to make your website meaningful while your competitor is moving way ahead of you.

If you have hired professional website design services, it does not mean that you have stopped yourself in doing something productive or have made way for limitations. It simply states that at this point of time, you don?t have much knowledge regarding developing a website that is why you must pick someone to make sure all the necessities are fulfilled as the customers will not wait for you to learn the know how rather they will go to your competitor and have what they want. In order to make the most out of the opportunity in hand, know a thing or two about the basic rules of web design, learning will never harm you and ask the professional to let you know about some tricks that could be handy in maintaining the website.

If you like to be informed about the necessary changes or are not in the favor of allowing other persons to take crucial decisions concerning your business then hire a web designer who understands your needs and is willing to take your feedback and opinion regarding the subject. If the ideas given by you are not in sync with the current trend at least he will be able to give a logical explanation to it.

Keep in mind that customer is the king and his demands and needs must be met satisfactorily otherwise you would lose the business. So it is important to develop a website design by analyzing the target markets you are doing it for them and not to fulfill your whims and fancies so don?t lose the main purpose of the website building.

Don?t forget to ask for the work samples of the web design company and also verify their claims before actually signing the contract. You could take help from references too. This will let you know about the capability of the person in charge.

Be very specific about the needs of your web page design and ask the service provider if he is able to deliver on time and if you feel that everything looks good, negotiate the price and sing the contract deal. If you are in a dilemma then website design Sydney can assist you in website redesign.

Web design is a crucial aspect and must not be neglected that is why it is important to opt for a competent and qualified organization.